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Losing the ability to do PPC really hurt our practice and realdrseattle® turned our luck around by creating a site that converts even more than we did with PPC.


The Problem

PRPInSeattle is a medical spa that specializes in treatments using regenerative materials like platelet rich plasma for skincare, injections, and non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts. They relied heavily on Google Pay-Per-Click and Google display ads to promote their services.

Unexpectedly, Google changed their policies and no longer allowed ads relating to platelet rich plasma or regenerative medicine. This meant that PRPInSeattle could no longer run PPC ads through Google. This created a devastating impact to their business because they relied heavily on PPC for leads and conversions.

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PRPInSeattle brought this unique issue to realdrseattle®. After analyzing and confirming that PPC was not possible, realdrseattle® took on the challenge of creating a new website and custom content that would rank high enough organically to bring in leads for PRPInSeattle.


THE realdrseattle® SOLUTION

Upon making the plan for the new website and content, realdrseattle’s® team of content writers and SEO experts set to work. We performed extensive keyword research that examined trends and competitor keywords to determine how PRPInSeattle could outrank them.

We identified long tail keywords and implemented a localized strategy to send PRPInSeattle up the rankings. For example, as you can see on the microneedling page realdrseattle® created:

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The section headings include geotags for target markets as well as long tail keywords. For example, “What Can I Expect After Microneedling With PRP In Kirkland?” includes the keyword “what can I expect after microneedling with PRP?” as well as “microneedling with PRP in Kirkland”. Placing keywords and location markers in the headings is a direct indicator to Google that these words and geographic regions are significant to the website.

realdrseattle® employed similar strategies across the PRPInSeattle website. With the best medical spa marketing, realdrseattle® also provided other content marketing and SEO services like:

  • Weekly blog content
  • Wrote custom content pages optimized for on-page SEO
  • Created optimized alternative text
  • Submitted custom blog content to Google My Business
  • Performed keyword research and analysis
  • Completed competitor research


Prior to Google policy change that forced PRPInSeattle to discontinue their ads, over 50% of their online leads came from Pay-Per-Click advertising. Following realdrseattle’s® redesign and custom content services, their medical spa site saw the number of users increase on their site.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

Averaging only around 10 users per day before realdrseattle’s® medical spa marketing services, the number of visitors increased exponentially after the launch of the new website content. A focused and localized keyword strategy brought PRPInSeattle from relative internet obscurity to ranking for over 60 keywords.

With new content pages, website visitors became more engaged and spent more time on the site. Increased time on page contributes to lower bounce rates and the longer a user spends on the website, the more likely they are to convert.

Throughout the first month after launch, the average time on page went up significantly.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

More engaged users leads to fewer users leaving the site without visiting more than one page.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

Thirty days after the custom content for PRPInSeattle was published, an average of 90% of users visited more than one page on the website. This significant increase in user engagement with the content has led to PRPInSeattle seeing even more conversions than when they ran PPC campaigns.



PRPInSeattle now serves an authoritative voice when it comes to platelet rich plasma treatments. The custom content realdrseattle® provided recovered many of the lost leads due to forced discontinuation of Pay-Per-Click ads. Patients find trustworthy information on PRP procedures that leads them to book a consultation.

With SEO rich and keyword optimized content, realdrseattle® is the leader in medical spa content marketing. Using proven content marketing techniques, realdrseattle® can take websites like PRPInSeattle from obscurity to the top of Google’s rankings.


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