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Search Engine Optimization, usually abbreviated to SEO, is the process of optimizing your website to fit search engine standards and requirements. Doing this well will often increase leads to your medical spa website appearing higher in search engine rankings. SEO, like the medical and beauty industries, is ever-evolving and requires the right experts for the best results. At realdrseattle®, our expertise lies in the specific marketing niche of medical spas. We know the keywords and techniques to get medical spa websites on page one of Google.


In the competitive medical spa SEO market, achieving high rankings can be difficult. Many med spas in one city may offer similar non-surgical procedures and skincare. They are likely filling the rankings for these keywords. Climbing to the top of the Google rankings calls for an SEO expert. This is where realdrseattle® comes in. Our Med Spa SEO experts have deep familiarity with the medical spa industry and helped many websites climb up search engine rankings.

realdrseattle® is a marketing agency that specializes in marketing for medical spas, cosmetic & plastic surgery marketing. This specialization means that we know the medical spa industry well and know what Google looks for when crawling medspa websites. Medical spa marketing and SEO is also an endeavor customized precisely to fit each practice.

We provide SEO solutions that drive results and conversions. realdrseattle® performs on-page and off-page optimization to push your website to Google’s page one results.



Successful and effective SEO requires daily monitoring and maintenance. This is not always feasible for a medical spa focused on providing the best results to their patients. realdrseattle® takes care of all forms of SEO. From the mundane, everyday technical SEO maintenance to in-depth keyword research, the realdrseattle® team does it all. We are dedicated to delivering diverse and powerful SEO results.

realdrseattle’s® Med Spa SEO services are comprehensive and vary based on the medical spa marketing package you choose. At a consultation with one of our marketing specialists, they will get a feel for the needs of your practice. They will then put together a marketing and SEO strategy catered especially to your medical spa.


Medical Spa Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the search engine results in regards to a particular local area. While this does cut down competition, most cities have multiple medical spas vying for the same limited space on Google’s first page. realdrseattle® has a knack for helping our clients conquer their local listings.

A few of the ways realdrseattle® performs local SEO include:

Every city, state, and region consists of a unique market that realdrseattle® will research and optimize for. While general SEO is important for creating and managing a strong online presence, local search optimization is one of the main ways SEO brings more conversions to your medical spa.

Med Spa Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the type of search engine optimization that makes it easier for Google to find and read your website. In the medical spa industry, it is vital Google recognizes your site as belonging within it. Along with helping place your website in its niche, technical SEO ensures that your website functions efficiently.

Aspects of technical SEO that realdrseattle® optimizes include:

Why is this so important? If a website takes three seconds or more to load, users will often leave it for a faster alternative. Not only does this mean you missed a potential patient, but it may leave users with a bad impression.

realdrseattle® handles the fundamentals to ensure that both search engines and users can easily find and navigate your medical spa website. This contributes to garnering more leads and a higher place in Google rankings

Med Spa Link Building

Link building is one of the most effective ways to gain website authority. In general, links from a website of high authority to your website have three major SEO benefits.

Firstly, when search engines crawl a website page, they will follow all the links on that page. Therefore, if another website links to your website, Google will find your website via that link. This can increase your ranking because it leads search engines to find your site more. This signals that it is important and reputable.

Secondly, just like search engines, real people will follow links from other websites to yours. Usually, if someone clicks on a relevant link they are interested in your website and medical spa. Increased traffic from leads also leads to higher Google rankings.

Finally, good quality backlinks can increase your organic search ranking. A backlink functions as a referral to your website which Google takes into account. Conversely, backlinks from toxic sites can damage your authority and rankings.

Accordingly, realdrseattle® works to gain quality backlinks to your site while managing any that may hurt your rankings. Utilizing several high tech analysis tools and know-how, the medical spa SEO experts at realdrseattle® create a strong backlink profile to grow your digital marketing presence.



When choosing realdrseattle® to build and manage your medical spa website, you will receive a custom package of SEO services handpicked especially for your spa. Examples of medical spa SEO services that realdrseattle® provides are:

realdrseattle’s® SEO experts know the ins and outs of website optimization. Whatever your medical spa website needs, our team will make it happen.


Over 99% of search queries end on the first page of results. Rarely do web users scroll beyond the first page of Google to find the business or information they want. There are over 4,200 medical spas around the United States, and more opening every year. Therefore, staying on top of the search results is an important part of medical spa marketing.

Search engine optimization increases the overall visibility of your website. The medical spa industry is full of many spas that offer the same or similar services. realdrseattle® helps our clients beat out the local competition and dominate local listings via a variety of proven SEO strategies.

realdrseattle® turns website traffic into real leads. We constantly adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO to keep your medical spa at the top of the search results.

The cost of medical spa SEO will range based on your spa’s needs. At realdrseattle®, we have put together packages that can fit nearly every marketing campaign and budget. We also work closely with medical spas to create a personalized plan that works for their practice and local market.

Our Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages are a jumping off point for our SEO and marketing services. These packages also include our other services such as content marketing, social media, press releases, and website design. If you only want SEO services, contact us for a customized quote.

Optimizing your website for search engines increases visibility and leads. For example, let’s say your dermaplaning page starts on page three of Google’s search results. Then, after realdrseattle’s® SEO services, it moves to page one. Now, 99% of people who do not leave page one will see your dermaplaning page. This will increase website traffic and ultimately lead to more leads.

realdrseattle® is a full service medical marketing agency that offers medical spa SEO along with other digital marketing services. Among the other marketing services realdrseattle® offers are:

  • Pay-Per-Click marketing and paid advertising
  • Content creation and management
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

Our dedicated SEO team will assess your website and provide a complete report of how realdrseattle® can take your medical spa website to the next level. To get your customized medical spa SEO strategy plan, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via our contact page and chat.


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