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I became worried when PPC ads were not paying off for facelift procedures, but realdrseattle® really helped our PPC efforts pay off in the end and I've never had more facelift leads.


Social media’s impact on the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields caused historic changes in the way plastic surgery clinics market. Plastic surgeons, cosmetic injectors, and master estheticians now have millions of followers on Instagram. With the average US adult spending over two hours on social media daily and social media influencing cosmetic trends, it is vital for plastic and cosmetic surgeons to tap into social media advertising. realdrseattle’s® social media and advertising experts know how to funnel leads and traffic through social media ads to get more leads, more bookings, and more traffic to websites.


realdrseattle’s® social media and online advertising specialists understand how to create and utilize social media accounts to advertise and capture audiences. If a practice already has social media accounts, our advertising experts can leverage them to engage an existing audience.

Social media has increased the interest in cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Since the social media became popularized, 30 percent increase in patients seeking cosmetic surgery to improve their image on social media. Between the influence of social media on cosmetic trends and the amount of time spent on social media makes this one of the most effective advertising platforms.

Social media ads tend to have higher conversion rates than search engine ads. For example:

Another notable advantage of social media advertising for plastic surgeons is that cost per click tends to be lower. For example, among our clients, the average cost per click for Google tends to range between $1-$2, while the average cost per click on Facebook and Instagram is under $1.



Millions of people use social media everyday and ads should feature where potential leads spend their time on the internet. realdrseattle® takes advantage of social media advertising to get plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa practices in front of a broader audience.

realdrseattle® uses a variety of techniques and strategies to get ads in front of social media users. Among some of our social media ad offerings include:


Social Ad Creation

At realdrseattle®, our designers and online advertising experts create attractive ads for plastic surgery and medical spa practices. Utilizing photos and videos, we create ads that convert and will make users stop scrolling.

Facebook and other social media platforms often have strict rules for medical and cosmetic surgery marketing. Our social media ads team curates ads that perfectly adhere to regulations and aesthetic standards.


Strategic Location & Audience Targeting

Traditional search engine PPC allows advertisers to choose the search results where they want (and don’t want) their ads to appear. Social media, however, opens up new avenues for audience targeting. Advertisers can choose to target specific neighborhoods, age groups, professions, and interests. This allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons to target and reach people already interested in their services, as well as the neighborhoods that convert more than others.

Retargeting Campaigns For More Leads

Like with other forms of Pay-Per-Click advertising, realdrseattle® will establish retargeting campaigns for users who show interest in or click on ads without fully converting. Social media retargeting also shows ads to people who already like, follow, or have visited the advertiser’s profile.

Using varying assets and demographic information, realdrseattle® gets ads seen by people the most likely to convert. This promotes higher ROI and ensures that online advertising does not focus solely on one form of ad.



realdrseattle® continues to innovate the way we advertise for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas. We diversify ads across search engines and social media platforms to make sure ads reach a varied audience all across the internet. We are the best when it comes to plastic surgery social media advertising and have the evidence to prove it.

Seattle Plastic Surgery is a premier plastic surgery practice in Seattle, WA. After adding a plastic surgeon who specializes in facelifts, Seattle Plastic Surgery wanted to focus their PPC campaigns on facelifts. Running traditional Pay-Per-Click ads on Google and Bing were simply not converting because they were not reaching the target audience of a facelift.

realdrseattle® analyzed their facelift PPC efforts and found that while they were targeting facelift keywords, the ads needed a more refined focus to reach the right demographic.

We created multiple facelift ads to run on Facebook and Instagram:

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

This ad uses video to engage scrollers on Facebook and provides information most people curious about facelifts want: the credentials of the surgeon and cost. Before deploying the ad, the realdrseattle® team set the ad to show only for users 55 and above, placing it in front of the right demographic.

The main goal of this ad was to bring traffic to the Seattle Plastic Surgery website. However, the ad ended up bringing in more conversions than any other facelift ad that the practice tried before.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

Certain ads and topics will provide better results on different platforms. Seattle Plastic Surgery saw great success with their facelift social media advertising campaigns. realdrseattle® strategies ads across platforms to ensure the best results and highest ROI possible.



realdrseattle® is a cosmetic and plastic surgery marketing company with a knack for social media and advertising. We make ads that convert and place them in front of those most likely to convert. Our clients see more clicks for less cost with social media Pay-Per-Click ads.

Specializing in the cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and medical spa fields, realdrseattle® knows the ins and outs of the industry. This industry knowledge allows us to create the most effective ads and make the most of any advertising budget.


At this point, most plastic and cosmetic surgeons know the importance of social media when it comes to digital marketing efforts. With the social internet influencing many cosmetic decisions, it is vital that plastic surgeons take advantage of it. One way to do this is through social media marketing, or social media advertising.

Plastic surgery social media marketing usually utilizes the practice’s or surgeon’s social media account to run Pay-Per-Click ads. Unlike search engine ads, these ads incorporate photos and videos, which are more engaging for users and convert more.

These ads can drive people to your website, increase social media following, and generate more leads. With over 60% of users reporting that they have discovered a new business on social platforms, social media ads are one of the best ways to grow your plastic surgery practice.

Social media marketing comes with many benefits for cosmetic surgeons. Along with more engaging ads placed right in front of your target audience, cosmetic surgery social media advertising carries benefits such as:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower cost per click
  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve Google ranking
  • Earn backlinks
  • Increase visibility

In general, social media ads are more cost effective than traditional search engine ads. Social media ads work similarly to search engine PPC ads; the advertiser pays per click on their ads. With a lower cost per click, realdrseattle® saves ad spend by not placing all ads on search engines. This increases ad visibility, but also saves money and gets you a bigger return from your marketing budget.

The right marketing budget for your practice will depend on where it is located, the procedures you perform, and many other factors. A successful social media advertising campaign can be achieved with a limited budget, although a larger budget will offer bigger returns.

At realdrseattle®, our PPC pricing begins at 15% of monthly ad spend. This includes plastic surgery social media advertising and search engine ads. Our in-house designers create attractive assets and our PPC experts build ads designed to convert. realdrseattle® then manages ads and ensures their effectiveness.

Yes, realdrseattle® can increase leads for your practice with nearly any advertising budget. With a combination of well designed, well written, and strategically targeted ads, we increase your ROI without increasing ad spend.

realdrseattle®’s team of industry experts know the secrets to earning followers and using social media to increase Google rankings. These subsequent increases in visibility leads to more consultations and bookings.

It depends. When managing a social media profile and campaign, realdrseattle® typically will post and promote ads. However, depending on your package, our cosmetic surgery social media experts may also curate and post other content. For example, we may post patient before and after photos, specials you are offering, and patient provided photos.

realdrseattle® focuses on building your practice with patient centered content. Our clients still retain full control over their social media account and can post whenever they want. We manage one weekly social media post and ads to get you more leads.

Yes, realdrseattle® provides monthly reports on all Pay-Per-Click advertising and breakdowns of website traffic and analytics. Most social media platforms also offer their own analytics which can be accessed from your account at any time.


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